Katie Nzekwu

Katie Nzekwu

Co-founder & CEO

Having experienced the effects of landing in a detention center at age fifteen, Katie’s passion for supporting hard to reach youth has deep personal roots. After twelve years of working with children and teens in social services, Katie went on to find Villedge, present day Found Village.

She believes in the power of fueling healthy relationships and fostering a holistic approach that meets the individual needs of teens. Through Found Village, she has built a place driven by people who understand the value of a healthy mind, body, and spirit. People who assess the specific needs of each kid, know their individual stories, and teach them self-awareness. This criterion has laid the strong foundation of trust that Found Village is anchored on.
Iloba Nzekwu

Iloba Nzekwu

Co-Founder & COO

Katie’s college sweetheart, loving husband and fantastic father of their three adorable children, Iloba, comes from strong Nigerian roots. His story is chock full of overcoming obstacles and adversity. He welcomes opportunities to encourage young people with his story—affirming them that with information, relationships and opportunity, anyone can achieve success. (And smile, for crying out loud!)

Iloba goes beyond managing operations as he intentionally builds relationships with the youth. He is often offering a fatherly perspective on life that many of the youth have lacked access to in the past.

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