Story Cards

Surprise Graduation Parade 2020

We surprised some of our boys with a well deserved graduation celebration. For many this was the first time ever being celebrated. They were all shocked and it was loads of fun, check it out!
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The Found: Brandon & Jessica

We teamed up with our partners at Crossroads Church to tell the mentorship story between Brandon and one of our volunteers, Jessica. This story is deeply impactful and will surely leave you moved.
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Who We Are

Formerly Villedge, Found Village is a place that puts the kids we serve first. Watch some of the stories of our teens and hear about the impact that this Village has had in their lives.
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Story Card: Meet Malik

Each unique Found Village story fuels our mission to surround teens in crisis by connecting them with relationships and resources specific to their needs. This is Malik's story.
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The Foundational Trust Model

Our Method of Success

Learn how our Foundational Trust Model shapes our unique approach to meeting youth right where they are and addressing their needs.
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